Wadi Shifa and Homhil

Homhill is a natural garden full of Dragon Blood trees and bottle trees. From the mountain’s top you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama view over the ocean.

Homhil is a charm of a prehistoric landscape. Drama slopes with trees of blood of a dragon will strike you together with the reservoirs filled with fresh monsoonal water. You can bypass Homhil several routes and buy blood pitch beads of a dragon in the weaved boxes from local children. The plateau of Homhil is located in the mountain district of Mumi in the northeast of the island of Socotra. It attracts travelers first of all with a combination of different types of the trees growing in one place. About 156 species of plants grow here from which 86 it is local endemik. 20 bird species are registered, 4 from them local. This area is rich with animals, including reptiles, insects, etc. The protected area is covered with Blood trees of the Dragon, bottle trees, cucumber trees, trees of the Incense and Maryah, and also a combination of a beautiful mountain landscape and the sea. Usually here don't put the campground for the night. But it is possible to drink a cup of tea with locals and to come back to Hadibo.