There are 10 reserved areas on the land (the covering 72% of an island surface) and 22 sea reserves in the archipelago of Socotra.

Here the list of the most popular places in Socotra:

Hadibo, capital

Dixam plateau, p/a, in the central region

Cape Erissel, the most east point of the island

Qalansia, the second city of the island

Shauab, the isolated beach

Detwah lagoon, p/a, unique creation of the wild nature

Aomak beach, southern coast

Hoq cave

Noged, southern coast

Dihamri, p/a,  center of scuba diving

Skand in the central region

Arher on the northern coast

Momi plateu, p/a,  in the central region

Homhil reserved area

Ayaft canyon

Delisha beach

Qadama, p/a,  the closed turtle beach

Semha island

Darsa island