Dihamri (the marine protected area) is on the coast of the Arabian Sea. There you can find the most extended coral reef. While snorkeling, you can discover a magnificent underwater world.

Detwah lagoon is known for its spectacular landscape.

Ghoba - the longest continuous sandy beach on the island located on the northern coast up to 20 km long. The place is known as sea turtles beach (caretta) within April and May. It is protected by ecologists.

Qadama - a place where in June/July, you will also be able to meet many turtles who are creeping out on a beach at night.

Noged - the central part of the southern coast of Socotra. You can reach here the asphalted road which passes on Dixam Plateau. In the town of Stero it is possible to see many magnificent dunes with snow-white sand. Use chance and walk in depth of sand. If you arrive at a decline here, soft evening lighting will make this place more charming.

Matyaf - it is possible to float in the sea, and also in a small reservoir from fresh water which is near a sandy beach. The reservoir is more or less deep seasonally.

Amak (Aomak) a beautiful beach situated on the coast of the Indian Ocean with many sand dunes and palm trees.

Semkha island
The people living on Semkha island are surprising. On the island, there is an own water supply which is enough for providing the single village of the island with drinking water.