Arher (Arharr) is one of the beautiful parts of Socotra. There are huge dunes, beaches, cliffs, fantastic rocks and small oasis on the shore of the Arabian sea.

In the extensive mountain region of Haghier boundless opportunities for a trek campaign. Scand plateau (the highest peak) captivating the beauty and the region of Firmihin, dislocated in the center of the island with many interesting places for trekkers. Fascinating types are isolated from other landscapes of the foothills of Haghier and are simply ideal for a campaign / pedestrian tourism, offering vigorous people various opportunities for carrying out their holiday.

Scand, Tinnera, Firmihin and the Dersmotin areas are the most popular directions for trekkers though there are some very interesting routes at Vadi of Ayhaft, Dixam, a plateau of Momi and some places in the West and the southwest are also convenient for a campaign.

Routes have to be carefully chosen as some hike can be more difficult, or may include a hike on big height, and in general, it is desirable to be followed by the local guide. Count the forces that the rate of a trek wasn't too fast as it can lead to exhaustion and it will be anyway unpleasant.

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You can include in a campaign of a camel or other vehicles also.

Haghier mountain is the highest mountain on the island (above 1000 m) where you can see a beautiful landscape with many different trees.

- Firmhin wood

Rokeb Firmhin - a place with the largest number of trees of Dragon blood. It is considered that there are more than 900 thousand types of dragon trees. You can or take pleasure in a type of Khebhan on deep gorges or wander in Wadi of Dirhor, and then rise to Firmhin.

- Dixam plateau

The most beautiful place with the wood from Dragon Blood trees. The plateau of Dixam is located in the central part of Socotra, is full of trees of Dragon blood trees of incense and valuable herbs. The landscape is created by the mountain chain of Hagier capturing spirit on a background. Air is very fresh here, and can be cool in the evening. It is possible to reach the good asphalted road there, then to curtail to Noged (the southern coast of the Island). Passing the small village, you will be able to buy from local children pitch Dragon blood. It is the red pitch received from Dragon Trees. It is a good immunostimulator possessing bactericidal properties. After passing of the village you have a choice to turn on the left to reach the edge of the most beautiful canyon of Socotra (Wadi of Dirhur). The end of the day would be the best time, for arrival here, soft evening light does surrounding fantastic panoramas. Visitors often use this place for camping. But it can be cold and windy at night. The place for camping is chosen very conveniently. At desire, it is possible to go down to edge of a canyon and to survey some caves which are still occupied by mining shepherds.

Wadi Ayhft national park is one of the most attractive and important places of interest. There are many big trees around the wadi. The landscape of the wadi is really beautiful. There is a possibility to swim in the canyon of Ayhaft.

Ayhaft gorge is one of the most beautiful places in Socotra. Here one can see many endemic plants which cannot be seen anywhere else on the Earth.

Wadi Ayhaft

Wadi Ayhaft it is characterized by the river with the big smooth boulders creating numerous pools, reservoirs, and dams. Water absolutely transparent and cold; an ideal place for restoration after a tiresome campaign. Ayaft canyon - the greenest place of Socotra. Its unique microclimate keeping humidity is created by numerous springs, small rivers, and streams. The canyon is protected from summer monsoons by Mountains of Skand. For this reason, its vegetation remains magnificent all the year round. It is similar to the magic world filled with amazing birds, fantastic trees and the real mountain Sokotrens. The national park of the Canyon of Ayaft - one of the most attractive and important sights of the island. Ayaft considers as natural nursery because of its big abundance of local trees, plants and birds. There are many big trees around a canyon. The landscape of a canyon is really beautiful, and also here you will find small reservoirs with fresh water in which it is possible to float. Here you will see a tree which made Socotra known in the ancient world. The aroma which is also called olibanum (the Arabic language: لبان, lubban), to us known as incense, the aromatic pitch received from sort Boswellia trees bark bursts and allows pitches to flow down and stiffen. These stiffened pitches are called tears. With special ability, it is possible to receive an aroma handful within an hour. If you lived 2100 years ago, you would have extensive wealth as the aroma of Socotra was estimated above gold and other spices.

From the gorge of Ayhaft you can undertake many interesting campaigns, for example, back to Hadibo. This route of a campaign takes a whole day. It isn't difficult, but it is necessary to count on the forces. You will be able to see many chameleons. Be not afraid, they don't bite. The full campaign takes, at least, 3 hours. It is good to unite it with swimming and to sunbathe on a close desert beach. After that, you will be able to wash away sea salt from your body in a fresh reservoir of Ayaft.


Dirhur radium will open to you during descent with Firmhin. Here too a small fresh reservoir with the mossy coast and Egyptian vultures soaring high in the sky.

Hoq cave

The cave of Hoq is most readily available. It is required approximately an hour and a half to rise to its entrance from the village. It is better to take the local guide. Route not difficult, but tiresome. Visitors usually follow on it under the scorching sun. So, don't forget to take some bottles with water. The route on a cave stretches approximately for 3-4 km in the rock. Inside it is rather cool. The earth of a cave dry, only at the end of a route is the small reservoirs filled with water. The way in a cave is noted by a reflecting tape, thus, inside it is impossible to get lost, but don't forget to take a personal lamp. Usually, forty minutes are required to reach the end of the cave.

Wadi Shifa and Homhil

Homhill is a natural garden full of Dragon Blood trees and bottle trees. From the mountain’s top, you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama view over the ocean.

Homhil is a charm of a prehistoric landscape. Drama slopes with trees of  Dragon blood will strike you together with the reservoirs filled with fresh monsoonal water. You can bypass Homhil several routes and buy blood pitch beads of a dragon in the weaved boxes from local children. The plateau of Homhil is located in the mountain district of Mumi in the northeast of the island of Socotra. It attracts travelers first of all with a combination of different types of trees growing in one place. About 156 species of plants grow here from which 86 it is local endemic. 20 bird species are registered, 4 from the local. This area is rich with animals, including reptiles, insects, etc. The protected area is covered with Blood trees of the Dragon, bottle trees, cucumber trees, trees of the Incense and Maryah, and also a combination of a beautiful mountain landscape and the sea. Usually, here don't put the campground for the night. But it is possible to drink a cup of tea with locals and to come back to Hadibo.

Mumi plateau

The plateau of Mumi is far from standard tourist routes, but you can see very beautiful and unusual places here.

Kalison - the desert village only with one last inhabitant.

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