Travel activities on Socotra / Сокотра

Travelers differ in preferences (activities, type of services...etc.), time availability and budget, in group or individual.

Therefore, Socotra International Company tailor specific itineraries to suit need of each traveler. We arrange various kinds of tours for groups and individuals and for any period of time. Below are some TOUR PACKAGES and we do tailor specific packages such us BIRD-WATCHING, GT-FISHING, DIVING, TREKKING, PARAGLIDING, BOTANICAL AND CULTURAL TOUR based on requests of clients. 

Socotra International Company organizes tours in Sana'a, its surroundings and in the whole Yemen territory based on the requests of our clients.


Some places in the Yemen mainland are closed for tourism. Socotra is the only place which is open and safe all the time. It is isolated in the sea and inhabited by friendly and peaceful people. 

It is really difficult to choose only one occupation on Socotra as here it is possible to offer much that. First of all it is necessary to investigate the island from all directions. The picturesque views of the Arabian Sea, unique beauty of the nature hidden in mountains natural reservoirs, a unique landscape full of magnificent vegetation, the valley and canyons from the northern coast to southern, huge impressive dunes, there are a lot of local birds, insects and plants, and many other things! We offer you some tourist programs, depending on your preferences. Our qualified guides prepared tourist's packages to optimize your stay on the island, to allow you to take pleasure in the wild nature and at the same time to feel comfortably. Be not confused to ask more adventures or simply make the order of the program! Simply contact us and tell us that it is interesting to you. We are proud of our island and we will make for you everything that your travel was the most pleasant and unforgettable. 

On Socotra you can include in your travel next options:


·  Trekking, Pedestrian, Sport tourism

·   Botanical tours 

·  Supervision over birds 

·  Geological and mineralogical tours 

·  Caves researching 

· Wild camping

·  Mountain ascension and alpinism 

·  Tours on camels

·   Fishing and GT fishing  

·  Swimming, snorkeling and diving

·   Surfing, Windsurfing, Sand boarding, Paraplanerism and Kiting

·   Yachting  

·  Phototourism.

Your thirst of adventures will be fully satisfied! You are waited by the fascinating local nature, magnificent landscapes, beautiful reeves along the coast of infinite and desert beaches. You will test a full unification with the nature!

Fresh fish will be prepared directly on a beach.

There are some restrictions concerning conditions of accommodation, the luxury isn't present, but you will feel charming satisfaction and happiness of that, appears, you don't need those conveniences to which got used that very few water for washing will be required that there is a good and nourishing food, a healthy sleep in an environment of the virgin nature under the infinite star sky. You estimate it and you will accept as a component of your unforgettable adventure.

You simply have to get this experience, incomparable with anything, and you will never forget those some days of absolutely special isolation from the civilization!

Socotra International provides all camping equipment and transport, so you will be able to choose any of several campings, such as Dihamri, Aomak or Homhil. We can reserve for you one of several hotels.