If you are looking for true fishing experience and an adventure of the whole life, you have to consider the island of Socotra as the correct place intended for this purpose. When a business reaches fishing, the seas of Socotra are a very rich environment which provides a high concentration of the majority of species of fish. Socotra is known as an ideal fishing dock because of its location in the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. If you look for a fascinating fishing trip, plan your holiday on the island of Socotra. Trips can be in advance planned to join local fishermen. Socotra International will choose the best location for your fishing trip seasonally and your expectations. By means of skilled local fishermen you, of course, will succeed to receive the benefit of which you will be proud.

Visitors know that Socotra consider "by Galapagos of the Indian Ocean" as one of the best destinations for fishing on the planet is simply because of the size of the fish and quantity living in waters of Socotra. If you love thrills, then fishing on Socotra, is only for you. You will arrange to fight with Barracudas, as they - the most widespread here. However, you will be struck also with other species of fish, from the Swordfish, Kingfish, Marlin, and also a yellowfin Tuna and huge red Snappers. Some fishermen catch even sharks!

For fishing, we recommend visiting Socotra during the period from October to May that will provide you the most fascinating fishing event in your life!

You have to take your own gear with you.

Don't forget that the Socotra marine life is under UNESCO protection and you have to release all the fish you caught back to the sea! 

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