Trekking on Socotra is organized taking into account the level of physical training of tourists.

The majority of landscapes of the island are available and simple for trekking. But there are also difficult routes capturing spirit which can be used even for mountaineering. Scand, Haggier, Dixam, Homhil, Firmin, occupy the central part of the island with some interesting places for trekkers. Scand, Tinnera, Firmihin, the Dersmotin areas, are the most popular directions for trekkers through a canyon of Ayhaft, the plateau of Momi and the canyon of Kalisan are more popular. Roads have to be carefully chosen as some treks can be difficult, or may include a high-rise trek, maintained by the local guide surely to control the rate of a campaign as it can lead to exhaustion and anyway it won't be pleasant.

Тrekking-300 Camel

If you prefer not to go on your own feet, you can move on one of our camels, so-called "the desert ship". Only this way, you learn to feel of swimming at a steady speed. Campaigns on camels on the island of Socotra it is an amazing to experience: it is an opportunity to learn fascinating landscapes in the weakened rhythm of ancient times.

You can also use a camel for equipment transportation. Don't hesitate, you can load it and not to worry about weight limits of water or a heavy backpack.