Create with us your unforgettable travel holiday!

Socotra island is a very unique and amazing place, traveling to the island is not as hard as many people would think but in order to make your trip as comfortable as possible, you will need a reliable service provider who will guarantee the needs and safety of its visitors.

Socotra International and its professional partners can fulfill all the necessary requirements of its customers and try the best to make the visitors of Socotra leave the island with an unforgettable experience. From airport to airport, we make sure that you enjoy your stay on Socotra, hoping that you would consider our beautiful island again as the main destination for your next holiday.

We offer “all-inclusive” packages with the following services:

  • Meet and assist service and airport transfers in Cairo and Socotra
  • Car rentals (4x4car and pick-up, including driver and fuel)
  • Hotel reservation in Cairo and Hadibo: from 4star hotel to local funduq
  • International flights From Egypt (from Cairo to Socotra) 
  • Visas
  • Tours for individual travellers, couples or families, groups (tailor-made itineraries, standard programmes, daily excursions…)
  • Special activities: trekking tours, fishing GT expeditions, diving, camel riding , archaeological tours…
  • VIP services
  • Business trips and meetings
  • Guides, fluent in Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Slovenian and Serbian, Russian, Croatian, Romanian

Socotra International offers any, and even more, of above-mentioned activities to all visitors. We arrange all kinds of tours (standard, adventure, research, sports, trekking tours) for groups and individual travelers. We welcome a different type of clients, from gap year backpackers to VIP and millionaires. Fascinating journeys, from few-days stopovers to many weeks epics can be planned by e-mail in detail prior arrival and possibly afterward with a visit to our office, to pore over the maps and timetables.

We provide the experience, expertise, and advice for you to create your own unique itinerary, ideally suited to just your interests, the places, and sights you’ve always wanted to see. We advise you on all aspects of the trip and produce a competitive quotation, which can be modified upon your requests. All our itineraries have been thoroughly researched by experienced staff and put together to meet high standards. The progress of our clients during travel is discreetly monitored throughout. The help is on hand immediately one needs it, whilst the client experiences freedom and flexibility that group tours cannot hope to offer. Special attention is paid to present to our clients the Yemeni customs and traditional way of life. In our presentation, we do offer a limited number of itineraries, while we are aware that each client has some special requests, interests and of course flight details are numerous. However, with the range of itineraries available, you are bound to find the idea for your journey. Next, all the proposed programs could be adjusted with regard to your ideas and our knowledge to create a wonderful holiday that you’ll remember ever. All the programs can be accompanied by your own private English or other language speaking guide, who will not only be in charge of the tour planning but will help you gain valuable insight into the history, culture and daily life of their country. Your guide can adapt the tour to your specific interests. Travel in comfort with your own private guide and driver, venture into areas inaccessible to larger tour groups and discover the unique history, landscapes, cultures, and people of the Arabia Felix!